Driving Sustainable Growth and Elevating Living Standards: Pioneering Real Estate Development for a Prosperous Future

Our team strives to be among the leading real estate developers, excelling in building and developing new business sectors to achieve sustainable growth. This is accomplished through diversifying our investments and increasing the return on real estate assets, while contributing to the economic renaissance witnessed by the Kingdom and supporting its efforts to achieve sustainable development, in line with Saudi Vision 2030 and the aspirations of BATIC Investment and Logistics Company. Additionally, we aim to expand in the field of real estate development and improve the standard of living in the Kingdom by developing comprehensive systems and facilities for the entire real estate sector, offering exceptional quality real estate solutions and projects. We also focus on development and real estate asset management activities to achieve operational efficiency.

Our Commitment to Excellence in Real Estate Development

The company manages an investment real estate portfolio of approximately half a billion Saudi riyals. Furthermore, we have obtained certification as a real estate developer from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, which is a fundamental and vital step in achieving our goals.”

Empowering Saudi Arabia: BATIC Real Estate

BATIC Real Estate, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BATIC Investment and Logistics Company, is the driving force in the development, investment, and real estate services sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Established as a Saudi real estate company, BATIC Real Estate operates from its headquarters in Riyadh.

CEO Vision

BATIC Real Estate Company always strives to fulfill the vision of Saudi Vision 2030 in various vital economic sectors. It places special emphasis on the real estate sector due to its importance and significant impact on economic activity. Accordingly, the company is working on increasing and diversifying its real estate investments with the aim of expanding housing spaces and enhancing job opportunities and employment in the sector. The company also aspires to make a pioneering impact in the real estate market, specifically in the areas of development, real estate investment, and property asset management. This is done with the goal of establishing a new real estate base and providing new job opportunities within the Kingdom, transforming it into a global investment destination capable of serving customers worldwide.


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